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PropertyView Solutions Announces Unparalleled Support

Dallas, Texas – September 15, 2005 PropertyView Solutions, Inc. announced today the rollout of Unparalleled Support, a program designed to provide unprecedented service and support to property management companies.

PropertyView Solutions, Inc. strives to remove the typical industry concerns end-users have with working with vendors and provide them with a proven software solution supported by an unsurpassed Client Services team.  Pat Schultz, CEO explains that PropertyView starts the process with outstanding software and stringent product testing. “Define, develop, test and tune.  We use the latest development tools from Microsoft and a suite of testing solutions. Together this ensures quality, performance, and reliability”, says Mr. Schultz. “With an exceptional build quality, support issues are easier to manage, enabling our customers to focus on their business”, continues Mr. Schultz.

“Having exceptional software, is an excellent start”, says Becca Brese, VP of Unparalleled Support Client Service. “The process for understanding our customers business, setting software parameters, converting old data, setting up the new system and training must be executed methodically and preferably by industry professionals with years of experience. It is this combination that ensures the best results and an easy transition”, Ms. Brese continues.  “Throughout implementation and after our end-users go live we monitor interactions, support tickets and the results. This process, from the first interactions with a PropertyView Sales Consultant, through our end-user’s going live, is monitored. “Continuous feedback is our goal.  With accurate information from our customers we have been able to hone our procedures. We continue to improve our methodologies and make ongoing adjustments. Our aim it to provide service that goes beyond industry expectation and experience, providing a level of service and support that is unequivocally unsurpassed.  We call this Unparalleled Support”, Ms. Brese concludes.

Daily operations of PropertyView are headed by John Greenberger, COO.  Becca Brese, formerly of Remanage and Kristi Menefee, formerly of Peak/SLA, both serve as Vice President’s of Unparalleled Support, Client Services for PropertyView, with an emphasis on their respective installed customer base.  Software development at PropertyView is headed by David Copeland, formerly REMANAGE’s VP of Product Development.  Together these officers have more than 125 years of real estate experience, including on-site management and operations in addition to extensive technology experience.  All additional PropertyView employees are former employees of, Inc., or Peak/SLA Technologies, LLC.


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