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Who is PropertyView Solutions?

PropertyView Solutions, Inc.(PVSI), was created in July, 2005. The majority shareholders include a venture capital firm based in California and a real estate-oriented LLC based in Dallas, Texas. PVSI now owns Peak property management software, previously owned by SLA Technologies, LLC and REMANAGE Enterprise property management software, previously owned by, Inc. To learn more, please read our Press Release.


What solutions does PVSI offer?

PVSI actively offers three products: Peak, PeakXPS and Remanage Enterprise software. Peak and Remanage are client-server oriented, Windows-based products that the client may either load locally, or have PVSI host the data for them. The XPS version includes scaled functionality found in Peak, but targets smaller company deployment. The XPS version is "pre-loaded" with standard settings, allowing for quicker implementations, and is a hosted solution.


Does PVSI support Portfolio Flexibility?

Peak was originally designed for use with multifamily properties. However, over the years, we have added many features and now accommodate diversified portfolios. Our product can handle other property types including: Commercial, Retail, Single Family Homes, and Home Owner Associations.


What functions are included in the products?

Peak Software packages offer a fully integrated financial accounting (accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger) and property management application used in the daily operations of real estate properties. Peak includes: AR, AP, GL, Traffic and Leasing, Ownership reporting, Work Order and Maintenance, Purchase Orders, Budgeting, and Consolidations.

Add-on tools include seamless integration with Resident Screening and Electronic Payment Processing.


How is Peak structured?

Peak is a "unit" based system which more effectively accommodates conventional multifamily, HOA, Commercial and Single Family Home management.


Why select PropertyView Solutions?

There are multiple answers.

1) We offer a fully integrated management solution from traffic to the general ledger.

2) Our product team is one of the most experienced in the industry with an average of 16 years per individual in the multi-family industry, with experience on both the technical, accounting, and operational sides.

3) We offer superb Customer Care with 80% of the calls being answered rather than going to voice-mail and 90% of the issues being resolved within 4 business hours.


How much does it cost?
The cost to license PVSI Software is intended to be straightforward and easy to understand. PVSI charges consist of three components – 1) the software license fee, 2) assistance with Training and Implementation when you get started and 3) if chosen by you, a monthly fee for hosting your data on one of our servers.

The software license fee is based upon the number of units in your portfolio and your choice of either our Licensing Model or Subscription Model.

Training and Implementation needs vary from client to client, depending upon the software product chosen and the size of the implementation.   With your portfolio details and implementation goals outlined, we will gladly provide a detailed quote for training and implementation.

A hosting fee will be charged if you choose for PVSI to host your data on one of our servers.  Hosting charges are based upon the number of users.

You may choose between two alternatives to utilize and pay for PVSI Software one of two ways:

Traditional Licensing Model – On the front-end, there is an initial one-time charge per unit and Training and Implementation charges. Thereafter, there is an annual per-unit charge to renew your license (ALR).  If you choose for PVSI to host your data, there will be a monthly hosting charge.

Depending on your portfolio size, initial license charges should be approximately $11 per unit, Training and Implementation charges should range from $900 to $5,000.  Annual renewal charges should be approximately $6 per unit for your first year.  Initial license and annual renewal charges for HOA and POA units are approximately 40% lower.

Subscription Model – There is no initial charge for the software, nor an annual renewal charge,  only a monthly charge based upon your number of units, and hosting fee based upon the number of users (with a minimum of 200 units and 4 users).  Currently, the monthly subscription rate is $0.85 per unit and $30 per user. Training and Implementation charges may be as low as $900, which should be sufficient for up to 200 units. For a 300 unit customer, we estimate a monthly subscription charge of $375 after set up charges for training and implementation of $1,100.

All prices are subject to change.   Prices describe above are meant to be indicative only. Pricing for your particular situation will be stated in you licensing or subscription agreement.


Where can you meet us?

Our corporate headquarters are located in 6370 LBJ Freeway / Suite 177 / Dallas, Texas 75240. We also participate in select industry conferences and trade shows throughout the year.


No events are scheduled at this time.    


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