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How much does it cost?

Do I have to buy Sybase SQL Anywhere?

What about design of custom reports?

Is Peak purely browser-based?

What are the system requirements?



How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the number of properties, units and complexity of your installation. Please contact or call 1.877.296.0324 for a quote.

Do I have to buy Sybase SQL Anywhere licenses?

PropertyView Solutions licensing agreement includes Sybase SQL Anywhere to our customers. For more information about Sybase SQL Anywhere, go to or call PropertyView Solutions at 1.866.296.0324.

What about design of custom reports?

Hundreds of standard reports are included with Peak and may be exported to Excel and/or Word with the click of a button. If you find you are need of a custom report, PropertyView Solutions, Inc. can provide development services for customized reports at an hourly rate. However, if you would prefer to create and customize your own reports, our product is integrated with Business Objects' Crystal Reports, which may be purchased separately.

Is Peaksoftware a "browser-based" software?                                           Top

No. Our core record keeping and accounting software packages are Windows-based applications that run on your PC, Local Area Network (LAN), or Wide Area Network (WAN). This provides users the speed and performance of a desktop-based program, while still providing authorized users access to the software via the Internet.

Remote users can access a central database using the standard configuration tools built into either program's platform or use any variety of connectivity options. Remote offices can run independently, updating the main office periodically using Peak or Remanage's built-in Remote Site capabilities. Simply choose the configuration that works best for your organization.

Deployment Options

Hosting Options:

SQL Anywhere at your site (you will be responsible for backups, security, maintenance, and software updates).

Secure hosting of your data by PVSI on a contract basis. We handle backups, security, maintenance and software updates.


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS                                                                                         Top

Please note that Peak software programs are not currently supported on the new beta version of Windows 7.0 operating system. PropertyView Solutions, Inc. will complete further testing after the first service pack for Windows 7.0 is released.



Pentium 4 32 bit processor

Desktop OS:

Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista (Ultimate, Business, or Enterprise Editions) 'Home' editions are not supported.


512 MB RAM (Minimum)

Hard Drive:

100 MB HD Space Free

CD-ROM Drive:



SVGA 800x600


For Peak: Sybase SQL Anywhere (included with software).



Pentium 4 or higher

Server OS:

Windows Server 2003 Standard or Enterprise Edition with current SP (32 bit 86x)



Hard Drive:

(3) 18 GB or 36 GB HD 15K RPM drive speed in RAID 5 configuration (Recommended)


SVGA 800x600


For Peak: Sybase SQL Anywhere (included with software).

Internet Connectivity (For users accessing a central database via the Internet)

Remote Sites


Broadband/ DSL (350K)


Broadband/ DSL (350K+)


Commercial T1 (1.5MB)

Central Office (where database is hosted)


1 to 10 Sites: Broadband/ Commercial DSL (350K+)

11+ Sites:      Commercial T1 (1.5MB)


Commercial T1 (1.5MB)

In order to test the speed of your Internet connection, you can go to

***Note: Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher is required to use the Peak or Remanage data import function***

To download a PDF file of our PEAK system requirements, please click here.  

To download a PDF file of our Remanage system requirements, please click here.

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