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Business Forms

The Artina Group ( is PropertyView Solutions preferred provider of checks and other forms compatible with the PEAK and REMANAGE software.

PVSI products are compatible with the following Artina products:
Pre-printed Laser checks:

    805L Multi-purpose, middle check

    052L Multi-purpose, top check (Deluxe equivalent 081064)

    088L Multi-purpose, top check (Deluxe equivalent 080971)

    706L Multi-purpose, top check

    398L Accounts Payable, middle check

Blank MICR Laser Checks:

    129L Top check (Deluxe equivalent 080501)

    131L Top check with signature line

    135L Middle check

    136L Middle check with signature line

If you wish to order checks, contact the Forms representative at 1.800.544.3427.

Need custom checks? PropertyView Solutions, Inc. also supports the use of custom check formats. If you wish to use custom checks, please contact our support team.

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