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Business Collaboration


Does this sound like your company?

• Owners or managers need access to reports and information but they travel frequently and cannot always connect directly to your system.

Your company is a dispersed organization with people and functions in multiple locations.

Your properties process a large number of lease and property documents and the organization could be better.

Your company processes regular Real estate transactions with due diligence, multiple documents and versions and you have difficultly in remaining organized.

You use third-party professionals, such as lawyers and brokers, all requiring secure access to the same documents.


If this sounds like your company, then consider using Peak and our partner, Client Connect.

Client Connect is a web-based collaboration tool that brings multiple parties in multiple locations together into a virtual ‘Work Space’.

Each Client Connect work space has file folders and subfolders, status tracking tools, notes and e-mail notification for changes.

The folder structure is user-defined and can be set up with each Work Space representing a property (with its reports and documents) or a transaction (with all of its documents and versions) or a portfolio (with associated reports), etc.

You may also use status tracking functions, associated notes, and cost review tools.

All functions automatically work with e-mail to notify relevant parties of any changes and include links to the changes.



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